Who I Am

I’m a writer and corporate communications professional currently working for an educational services company.  At my core, I’m creative and insatiably curious about business goals, processes and most importantly, people. I channel these qualities into my work, finding, writing and sharing stories that engage and move people.

My curiosity continues outside of office hours with this blog. Here I explore a range of communications topics, from crisis planning and multi-channel strategy to corporate culture and social responsibility. I’m also passionate about exploring how digital engagement is evolving the communications, marketing and public relations professions. It’s important to reflect on how technology advancements have produced both positive and negative impacts on the ways brands, and communicators, connect with people.

Keep in mind, my goal is not to end a conversation, but to start one. I believe different perspectives and experiences enrich any conversation so please feel free to comment with your thoughts (cheers and jeers… please keep it clean). Of course, I must remind you that these thoughts are my own and do not represent my company in any manner.


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