Here’s to Strong Women

May we know them. May we be them. May we raise them.


When I was growing up, my dad constantly told me I could be the president of the United States. I always thought that was silly because I did not have a particular passion to be our nation’s leader. But it’s important to acknowledge that this encouragement left a greater impression. It was my dad’s way of telling me I could do and be anything I wanted. I had the power to make it happen, and I hold the potential to make a difference in the world.

Reviewing all of the coverage for International Women’s Day reminds me that not every girl receives such encouragement by those around them. Thank you, dad, for instilling me with the confidence to pursue my passions and to reach my potential. I will do my best to support all the women in my life to do the same. #Pledgeforparity


2015 Adobe MAX Recap – Part 1

Adobe Max design wall

Post-conference Haleigh does not approve of pre-conference Haleigh’s creative doubts.

I recently attended the 2015 Adobe Max Conference where creative brains from around the globe gathered to learn about the latest Adobe Creative Suite updates and the different ways to leverage these tools to create works of art, from photographs to illustrations and videos. As a communications professional and aspiring creative services manager, I attended the conference to hear the latest trends in visual communications and to learn some new techniques for eliminating pesky creativity barriers. I got all that and much more.

It was an action-packed three days at the Los Angeles Convention Center so I’m going to divide my top takeaways into two separate categories and blog posts. Those looking for personal reflection prompts to unleash creativity, you’re in the right place. Practical professional recommendation folks, stay tuned.

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