Proactive Approach to Social Media

I recently started reading Bonnie Nardi and Vicki O’Day’s Information Ecologies, which promotes active analysis to ensure the right technology is used in the right way to drive values and results. As noted in the headline of this blog, I am trying to apply this thinking to my every day use of technology at work, home and everywhere in between.

Rather than simply adopting to keep pace or just because, mindful consumers must first consider the purpose and potential repercussions.My last couple posts have discussed brand success on social sites like Facebook, Instagram and Pinterest. Leading with tips for user engagement on a scattered selection of social sites now feels like I started the story in the middle.

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Ads Hit Pinterest and Instagram

Instagram recently unveiled a sample sponsor post on its blog to prepare its users for what’s to come. This news comes about one month after Pinterest revealed promoted pins on their blog. I can’t help but note how the visual-based platforms took strikingly similar approaches to breaking the big ‘business model’ news.

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