Ads Hit Pinterest and Instagram

Instagram recently unveiled a sample sponsor post on its blog to prepare its users for what’s to come. This news comes about one month after Pinterest revealed promoted pins on their blog. I can’t help but note how the visual-based platforms took strikingly similar approaches to breaking the big ‘business model’ news.

Both blog posts reference:

Engaging users in determining ad experience.

Both platforms ask that users provide feedback regarding advertisement preferences. While Pinterest is just asking for comments, Instagram takes it a step further with the option to tap an icon to hide the ad (similar to Facebook). Giving users some control and outlet for feedback will help ease the pain of the disrupted user experience. The hide ad option piques my interest in regards to brand feedback.

Establishing a means of monetization.

Both Instagram and Pinterest brought the warm and fuzzy when referencing the necessity for business model. For Instagram, it was a refernce to supporting its growing community. For Pinterest, it was an anecdote about pinning a new born son’s adventures and the need to continue pinning for all. Embrace ads because they will support the community and the future of your platform.

Proceeding with caution.

Pinterest began promoting a select number of pins on October 9th, but does not currently have any brands paying to participate.  This first step is more focused on gauging reaction and tweaking user experience. For Instagram, they shared their initial sponsor roster as just a handful of the most popular members of their community, like Macy’s and Lexus.

So what does this mean for brands looking to advertise on Pinterest and/or Instagram? Be ready to embrace the culture of the platform and present vivid, creative content that will prevent customer flagging and complaint. Your presence on these platforms should not just sell with creative placement of products.

Pinterest and Instagram are creative outlets to show the many layers of you. Brands should do the same – give audiences a peak at your company’s backstage, inspirations and reach.

See how other companies are capitalizing on creativity at the following links:


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